All your fire penetration information is at your fingertips

As soon as the installation has taken place, you have a permanent record of the installation, including who installed the penetration, when they did it and photos of the penetration.

You can access that record a minute after completion - or ten years later... the record stays in the system and is accessible forever!

As well as a record of the penetration installation, there is an up-to-date record of any ongoing maintenance performed, ensuring that any compliant penetrations remain compliant - for their entire life.

And, if fire regulations or standards change, you can quickly and easily identify those penetrations that require upgrades... remaining compliant has never been easier.

Penetration list

All penetrations in a facility are shown in a list with details and a photograph for easy identification.

Penetration location map

The location of the penetration is clearly shown on a map so you can be certain you are reviewing the correct information.

Penetration identification sticker

A photo of the penetration identification sticker further confirms that you are reviewing the correct information.

Penetration details

The details screen shows information on the facility, penetration, manufacturer details and a description of the penetration.

Product details

The products screen shows information on the specific products used in a given penetration.

Product documentation

You can see detailed information on all products used, including full test reports from accredited test laboratories.

Inspections list

The inspection list shows information on all the inspections performed on a given penetration so you can quickly and easily see when it was last inspected and its current status.

Inspection details

The inspection details screen shows specific details of an inspection so you can see when it was performed, who performed the inspection and if any further work is required to maintain compliance.

Calendar task view

You and your team can quickly and easily see all upcoming tasks required to maintain the compliance of all your penetrations and your facility.

Task list view

Alternatively you can see a list of all jobs and prioritise them by urgency or date simply by clicking the list headers.

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