All your fire penetration information is at your fingertips

As soon as the installation has taken place, you have a permanent record of the installation, including who installed the penetration, when they did it and photos of the penetration.

You can access that record a minute after completion - or ten years later... the record stays in the system and is accessible forever!

As well as a record of the penetration installation, there is an up-to-date record of any ongoing maintenance performed, ensuring that any compliant penetrations remain compliant - for their entire life.

And, if fire regulations or standards change, you can quickly and easily identify those penetrations that require upgrades... remaining compliant has never been easier.

Comprehensive task list

As soon as you log in to Certifire you'll see a list of all tasks assigned to you - or assigned by you - so an important task will never get missed. See all your tasks in a list or on a calendar.

Projects view

See all your current projects in a handy thumbnail grid view or as a list that you can sort by name or date. You can also narrow down the projects you see using the search filter.

Plan view

See all penetrations on a floor level as pointers on a floorplan. Tap or click a pointer to see information about that penetration. Tap, hold and drag to move it to a new location or tap an empty space to add a new penetration.

Penetration details at your fingertips

See all the important details of a penetration including when and where it was installed and by whom, the barrier it penetrates, what products are used and the all-important fire rating level.

Penetration label

Each penetration is clearly marked with a label that includes the most important penetration details, plus a QR code that will take you straight to the penetration in Certifire on your phone, tablet or computer (if it has a camera).

Document library

Certifire contains a comprehensive document library that not only is used to define penetration systems but is a handy reference to all the products used, as well as passive fire protection information and techniques.

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Please note that these layouts may not fully represent the current app version as development is ongoing. The projects and companies shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent actual Certifire clients.

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