Three ways to keep your facility's compliance up to date with a Certifire penetration register.

Swart & Sons have invested a lot of time and effort in developing Certifire to be the easiest-to-use and most reliable means of ensuring your facility is compliant and - most importantly - certified.

We'd like to share the fruits of our labour with you and have three ways you can take advantage of this great system.

The best news of all is that two of these ways will not cost you a cent more than you are currently spending on your fireproof penetrations... we are offering this free to all Swart & Sons clients. The third way still offers exceptional value for money and could, potentially, end up being free anyway!

Let Swart & Sons do all the work.

If you contract Swart & Sons to design and install your fireproof penetrations, we will enter all the data for you, at no additional cost.

We will specify the equipment and materials to be used in Certifire and, when our own tradespeople install the penetration they will update the system with photos of the completed work for you to inspect, anywhere in the world.

You can also contract Swart & Sons to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of the penetrations. We will update the system as the work is performed - again at no cost to you.

The bottom line is you will have access to this great system at no additional cost!

We'll set up your projects for $200 each.

If you're an engineer or tradesperson and want to design and install your own fireproof penetrations with equipment and materials purchased from Swart & Sons, we will set up a Certifire account, giving you free access to the system.

You can enter as many penetrations into the projects that we will set up for you at no additional cost.

There will be a charge of $200 to set up each project but access to the system - for entering or retrieving data - remains free for life.

We'll set up your projects for free.

If you maintain a specified minimum monthly spend on your Swart & Sons account (averaged over twelve months) on a project we will waive the setup charge for that project.

You can enter your penetrations into those projects completely free of cost.

You won't pay for access to the system, no cost for the projects to be set up and no additional cost for the materials and equipment you purchase from Swart & Sons.

This can apply to as many projects as you want, as long as you meet your spending budget for each project.

The bottom line is you will have access to this great system at no additional cost!

Swart & Sons are acknowledged as one of Australia's premier fireproof penetration contractors, with a lengthy track record of high quality work, so you know the work will be carried out to the highest standards.