Over 40 years of passive fire safety expertise

Certifire was developed by Swart & Sons... one of Australia's pre-eminent specialists in passive fire protection.

With 40 years experience in the industry, Swart & Sons have a broad range of knowledge and experience in the specification, supply and installation of fire safety measures, in particular fire-proof penetrations. We have designed and installed passive fire protection systems in buildings across the country, from simple single storey facilities to multi-storey and even multi-building complexes.

Our expertise not only encompasses the installation of fire safety measures but their maintenance - and the accurate recording of the installation and all maintenance performed... an absolute pre-requisite for compliance certification.

Certifire is the logical extension to this business, ensuring that your passive fire protection systems are not only correctly designed and installed but fully certified, ensuring that you are covered in the event of a mishap.

Mark o'brien

Managing Director

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