Certifire is the easiest way to ensure your facility is - and stays - fire safety compliant.

Making your facility compliant with all the relevant fire safety regulations is really only half the battle. You have to ensure that it remains compliant and you can only do that if accurate, up-to-date records are kept.

This record keeping can sometimes be as time-consuming as installing the fire safety measures in the first place... particularly if it's done after project completion.

Certifire - our proprietary certification system - allows us to record all fire penetrations in an online penetration register, as they are installed, using mobile devices onsite. 

Those results are immediately uploaded to our central database where they can be accessed by anybody with the appropriate authorisation, on their own mobile device or desktop computer, immediately - or twelve months down the track - with just a few mouse clicks.

What’s more, photos taken on completion of the penetration installation are added to the system, and are immediately available from the database.

In a nutshell:

  • All penetrations are defined by Certifire technicians and recorded in the system prior to installation so a comprehensive specification is available before any installations take place
  • Mistakes are avoided as every penetration is clearly specified for the installer at the time of installation
  • Each penetration installed is documented in the Certifire system, at the time of installation, with installation date, location, a list of all products used and a photo of the penetration
  • All products used in a penetration are listed, with full documentation and ratings for each product viewable at the tap of a finger
  • A label is printed and applied adjacent the penetration to allow easy and instant identification for recall in the system
  • Penetrations are shown on a map for easy identification and location
Using Certifire on site

Adding records

Certifire not only instructs the tradespeople what equipment and materials to use for a given penetration, it also allows them to record that the penetration was done, recording the person who installed the penetration, when it was installed and allowing them to take one or more photos of the penetration at the time of installation.

The installer also applies a sticker, clearly identifying the penetration for future reference. A photo of this sticker is also added to the record in the online penetration register, as a permanent reference to the installation.

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Using Certifire in the office

Accessing records

Once a record is added to Certifire it remains there - forever.

This means you have a permanent record of every penetration, that is accessible a week - or a decade - after the penetration is installed.

Accessing these records is simple, navigating via a series of buttons or via a text search - whichever works best for you.

And you can do it on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone - any device with an internet connection.

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