Adding fire penetration information starts even before the installation of the penetration does

All penetrations shown in the Certifire online penetration register are designed and specified before the tradesperson even arrives on site.

Highly qualified engineers design the penetrations using their expertise, combined with the latest product data, to ensure that the penetration achieves compliance in line with the latest relevant regulations.

Information about the penetration, including all equipment and materials to be used, along with all measurements, are recorded in the system so when the tradesperson commences installation, they know exactly what is required.

Once the installation is complete they apply a pre-printed sticker with the relevant penetration information in a prominent location, to assist in easy identification later.

Then they photograph the installation, including a photo of the identification sticker, using their tablet or phone and Certifire, so a visual record of the installation is immediately added to the penetration record.

It's that simple!

Penetration location

All penetration locations are shown clearly on a plan of the facility, ensuring that the correct products and materials are used in the correct locations.

Penetration details

Allows tradespeople to see the products to be used in a fireproof penetration, ensuring the correct products are used.

Penetration photos

One or more photos show the finished penetration so all interested parties can see that the penetration was installed as specified, as well as for visual identification at a later date.

Identification sticker photo

A photograph of the identification sticker ensures that the correct penetration has been installed.

Product documentation

See details of products used in detailed product reports with full testing details, ensuring that the products specified meet all requirements for compliance.

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